Friday Inspiration, Vol. 99

“We were just kids then. We never really thought about life after fingerboarding—or the toll it would take on our bodies.” (video)

“When I put myself through masochistic ultramarathons, I channel my parents’ journey and sacrifice. I yearn for vulnerability on a level that digs into the depth of my mental tenacity so that I might briefly connect to what they went through. I want to use the strength that got them through horrific jungle nights. When I run in the dark, I think of my mother running away from guerrilla fighters barefoot. When I have painful blisters, I think of my dad entering the refugee camp with feet so swollen he could not bear weight on them for a week.”
—Goldamer “Goldy” Thach Herbon, The Sacrifices We Make

“Is there a pillow as useless as the U-shaped travel neck pillow? There is not. This half-ovate, toilet-seat cover-esque object reigns as King of Travel Accessories, while failing miserably at its intended sole use. It is a scourge for reasons that I will outline in this essay and of which, by the end, I will convince you without question.”

The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment

“Don’t be sad. I guess what I mean is be sad but be strong and be the good man that I know you are. Do more good stuff. Tell people you love ‘em. Go for more walks. Don’t be bothered by all the crazy shit going on. Just be. True. Alive. Strong. Do all the good shit you’re meant to be doing.”
Desert Dawg

A data scientist studied 26 million words from the top 500 hip hop artists on Billboard’s Rap Chart to see which words top MCs used the most.

David James Duncan: My Advice on Writing Advice (thanks, Alex)


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