Friday Inspiration, Vol. 95

My girlfriend and I drove a Tesla Model X from Denver to Zion National Park over six days this spring and made a short film for Outside (video):

“Writers who deliberately seek out the company of those foreign to them need to be armed with an unshakable sense of self-possession and a certain sense of arrogance; you need to be able to walk into a place (be it a city or a souk or a tundra) without wondering whether who you are is actually where you’re from, because you already know that where you’re from doesn’t matter.”
Hanya Yanagihara on Bruce Chatwin

Does your dog really love you, or just love the food you give it? Science says …

“I really wish that I had quads.”
Why don’t you have quads?

Holy shit this is interesting if you’ve ever used a tree as a rappel anchor.

Why do your hands and fingers swell when you hike?

Million-dollar ideas to improve NYC subways.