Friday Inspiration, Vol. 92

“It’s a texture, it’s a collage—and the bicycle is like a crossfader.”—artist Geoff McFetridge on biking in L.A. (video)

If you like to laugh and are not following Obvious Plant on Instagram, you should.

The phenomenon of the Costco Wavestorm surfboard.

I made a 60-second video of viewing the eclipse from a road in Nebraska.

The legend Dick Dorworth writes about aging out of climbing.

Donate your old climbing ropes to this company that recycles them into dog leashes (and donates 20 percent of the leashes made from your rope to the animal rescue charity of your choice).

Best possible reply to texting your graduation photo to the wrong number.

If this story about Bob Harris doing the first Down syndrome summit of the Grand Teton doesn’t make you smile, you should go to the doctor and see if you have a heart in your chest or just a lump of black coal.


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