Friday Inspiration, Vol. 90

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that (Video):

Why Southern Californians Say “The” Before Freeway Numbers (and, I would add, Arizonans)

Smart, Emotionally Stable People Enjoy Morbid Humor

I just want to point out that I wrote about mountain goats drinking human urine five years before the New York Times did.

“We need to define addiction in a new way. Addiction is the manic reliance on something, anything, in order to keep our dark and unsettling thoughts at bay. What properly indicates addiction is not what someone is addicted to, for we can get addicted to pretty much anything. It is the motives behind their reliance on it, and in particular, their desire to avoid the contents of their own mind.” (video)

“It seems like now, we only see us. We only want to look out for us. Whatever us even means.”
Ray Allen, on Auschwitz

How to Help Your Boyfriend Buy Skis


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