Friday Inspiration, Vol. 86

“It’s not a blank wall, painted white. The neighborhood, to me, has flavor.”

Great essay on the “uselessness” of things like rock climbing in today’s world, by James Plunkett.

Australian man checks a can of beer as luggage on flight (just click on it for the photo of the beer on the baggage carousel).

The Stretch and Bobbito What’s Good podcast starts next week on NPR(!)

Kafka’s Joke Book

“There was a time, not long ago, when a social commitment was not regarded as a disposable Post-it note, when people took it as a matter of course that reliability is a core element of treating people well, that how you spend your time is how you spend your life, and that if you don’t flake on people who matter you have a chance to build deeper and better friendships and live in a better and more respectful way. Of course, all that went away with the smartphone.”

Great short film about a young man deciding to deal with tragedy by visiting all the U.S. national parks.