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Friday Inspiration, Vol. 85

Shout out to grandmas:

Ibuprofen may be bad for endurance athletes.

Photos of life under freeway overpasses.

Self-control helped this guy learn how to run 100 miles, and one study showed it’s more than twice as important as intelligence in predicting children’s academic success.

Conrad Anker’s commencement speech at the University of Utah.

Lengthen your telomeres: A study shows that women and men who engage in “high levels of physical activity” (= 30 minutes of jogging 5 times per week for women/40 minutes of jogging 5 times per week for men) results in a “biologic aging advantage of nine years.”

A Navy SEAL explains the 40 Percent Rule.

Climbing editor Matt Samet lets readers behind the curtain of what climbing magazine editors actually do.

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