Friday Inspiration, Vol. 82

friday inspiration

If you like one or more styles of rapping, you might find this enjoyable [thanks to Josh for the heads-up]:

“It may be considered acceptable for an adult to play video games or fantasy baseball…but evidently in order to become functional adults each of us must renounce our personal Puff the Magic Dragon.”
—Rachel Kadish, In Defense of Imaginary Friends

“In 1918, one in twenty people died in an accident of some kind; by 1992, that number had been reduced to one in forty, through regulations, innovations, and public-awareness campaigns. But then the decline in the accidental-death rate stopped—and, since 2000, it has actually risen. In 2015, after almost a century of steady decline in car fatalities, driver, pedestrian, and cyclist deaths shot up eight, ten, and twelve per cent, respectively.”

An interview with my pal Ian McLeod on how he makes custom music for adventure films.

Just a story about your everyday 34-day ski tour from Snoqualmie Pass to the Canadian Border (!)

Whitney Boland masterfully writes the history of Miguel’s Pizza and the Red River Gorge.


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