Friday Inspiration, Vol. 81

friday inspiration

Do we really want nature documentaries to be 100% real?

40 years of hip hop in one 4-minute mashup (so good)

Let this guy’s incredible water slide landing be an inspiration to us all.

Chris wrote a very thoughtful/thought-provoking piece on Alex Honnold’s solo of El Cap.

How to keep your bike from getting stolen

Andrew Dolgin is photographing the home high school tracks of legendary American Olympic gold medalists and world record holders.

Inertia is the biggest enemy of inspiration.

“Slowness, the kind that baseball offers and inherently demands, is the relief from digitalism, a need state so widely recognized that content makers and game developers are embracing it in digital formats. … Baseball’s very identity, what makes it not only marketable but an indelible part of American memory, is the feel of going to the park and experiencing something pastoral, summerlike, indifferent to time, a sanctuary from the constant bleat of digital updating.”
—David Hollander and Robert Gurland, The Long Game

I wrote a thing (and drew a chart) on how to poop outdoors for Outside.

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