Friday Inspiration, Vol. 79

friday inspiration

Interesting piece of property they got down there near the Salton Sea:

“I don’t really have a ‘process,’ per se, just a simple routine that I meticulously follow every day like a disciplined genius robot.”
—Hallie Cantor, The Writer’s Process

The semi-success of guerrilla bike lanes.

A study of the lives of high school valedictorians after high school.

“Those who have tried the minimalist way have found that it’s not always as satisfying as design websites and tiny-house blogs insist. For some people, purging did not bring Shangri-La.”

“I don’t think you should just do what makes you happy. I think you should do what makes you great.” (From 2014)

“Pain is just a feeling.”
—Alpinist Steve Swenson, on The Enormocast


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