Friday Inspiration, Vol. 77

friday inspiration

You should watch this whole video even if you’re not in the market for a 1996 Suzuki Grand Vitara:

Lotta snow up on Tioga Pass this year—check out this view from a helicopter.

The future of tele skiing is what monoboarding is now.”

Does thinking about working out make you stronger?

Oh, snap: A Field Guide to Digital Nomadic Tribes of the West

Images taken from inside Saturn’s rings.

“Any time you are feeling down about your life after lurking on Facebook, go to Google and start typing stuff into the search box. Google’s autocomplete will tell you the searches other people are making. Type in ‘I always …’ and you may see the suggestion, based on other people’s searches, ‘I always feel tired’ or ‘I always have diarrhea.’ This can offer a stark contrast to social media, where everybody ‘always’ seems to be on a Caribbean vacation.”
—Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, Don’t Let Facebook Make You Miserable

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