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Friday Inspiration, Vol. 73

Johnnie Jameson is doing life right:

Do ultrarunners have an increased pain tolerance?

I had a blast talking to Kristin Carpenter-Ogden about creativity on her Take Me Outdoors podcast last week and managed to work in a Wu-Tang reference.

How “The Outsiders” changed young adult fiction (50 years ago).

“Research has indicated that about 90 percent of our happiness comes from how we process the world, which means how you look at your circumstances. Only 10 percent is external, which means the stuff you consume in some way. The way you think about what you have really matters. In fact, it’s everything. It can lead to happiness or unhappiness, depending on how you’re looking at it.”

If you want to succeed, don’t tell anyone (from 2009)

Harvard researchers tell you how to read more books this year (Tip #1: It’s OK to quit reading books you don’t like)


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