Friday Inspiration, Vol. 72

friday inspiration

“Burrito safety is no joke” —your friends at Outdoor Research

“As a writer, being as condescending and patronizing to your readers as possible is of the highest priority. How else will they know that you’re trying to explain something to them? How else will they know that you’re smarter than they are?”

“when we take an honest look at the outdoor stories we tell and the heroes we typically herald, we see that as an industry, we are not championing women and men equally. A casual look at any portrayal of the outdoors—movie, magazine, catalog, store, bookshelf—shows male imagery, heroes and stories. This doesn’t honor or accurately depict the important role that women play in the outdoors. As the saying goes, ‘You can’t be what you can’t see.’”
REI CEO Jerry Stritzke

The story of Gary Robbins almost finishing the Barkley Marathons last week will break your heart. (Although it was widely reported that he missed it by six seconds, Lazarus Lake clarified that he actually missed it by two miles after getting lost and going off-course.)

[Also, if you haven’t seen the Barkley Marathons documentary, it’s worth your time whether you’re interested in ultra running or not]

Wishing ain’t shit, trying is.

If these photos don’t make you want to go ride the White Rim Trail, I don’t know what will.

Jim would like to help you help yourself plan your summer weekends—all of them.

How Scott Hansen uses his outdoor experiences to make the magic that is Tycho.



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