Friday Inspiration, Vol. 66

friday inspiration

“Browsing on the internet I found a few people that are keeping themselves busy with personal projects on a daily basis. Every day they’re able to post something online. Looking at them I always thought I couldn’t make it: too busy with my daily job in the studio, too busy at home with my family. But I tried. And I managed to do it. I just had to work against the clock. GastaLoops is a 100 day design project with some “auto inflicted rules”, strong limitations that are able to fuel the creativity.”

‘Always go to the funeral’ means that I have to do the right thing when I really, really don’t feel like it. I have to remind myself of it when I could make some small gesture, but I don’t really have to and I definitely don’t want to. I’m talking about those things that represent only inconvenience to me, but the world to the other guy.”

Arrival is a Movie About Movies (Not Language)

How do I get “White Noise Sounds of Frozen Arctic Ocean with Polar Icebreaker Idling – Creating Delta Waves” on an app for my phone?

“If our American culture has one fatal flaw, it is our obsession with comfort. In almost every aspect of the so-called “American Dream,” the main goal, the main objective, is achieving a state of comfort, insulating and protecting ourselves from the difficulties and challenges in the world around us.”
Greg Heil, “Stop Asking for Easy: A Manifesto for Doing Hard Things Voluntarily”

If you don’t like old-school hip hop, don’t listen to this De La Soul “Stakes is High” 20th Anniversary Mixtape.

Advice for Submitting to Literary Magazines in the Coming Totalitarian Dystopia


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