Friday Inspiration, Vol. 64

The folks from Duct Tape Then Beer and I put together a little video for REI based on a blog post I wrote called “F*&# Busy”:

“There are just some things you can’t control. We assumed that potatoes would feature more prominently in this year’s Super Bowl. However, no players were shown eating a potato, and potatoes were not mentioned at all during the game. We gambled big and lost.”
Why Our Super Bowl Ad Failed, by Cards Against Humanity

“What’s happening right now is the small minority of people that are mad and angry and hateful and dark are much louder than the big percentage of us that are happy and excited and feel great. And because of the way technology works, they are much louder than they have ever been before.”
Gary Vanynerchuk, Make Positivity Louder

“Anthony Bourdain used the word ‘pathological’ to describe his fixation with being on time. ‘I judge other people on it,’ he admitted. ‘Today, you’re just late, but eventually you will betray me.’”

An Illustrated History of Pizza in America.

Will winning the lottery make you happy? A short video about the hedonic treadmill and spending your money on experiences rather than things.