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Friday Inspiration, Vol. 62

Brody and Joey and KT go to Norway

Some theories on the meteoric rise of coffee shops in cities, including Friends.

Pretty sure this “dog rescuing another dog” video clip isn’t as scary of a moment as viral headlines would have you think, but it’s pretty adorable.

“But now, everything I do offline?—?by hand, untraceable, untagged?—?feels like an act of resistance. Our whims and wisdom, our 140-character quips, and our ultrasound photos alike are increasingly profitable to the companies to which we’ve been serving them.”

Fascinating story from the Swiss Das Magazin about Big Data and Brexit and the U.S. election.

NBD, just some 1,000-year-old windmills that are still in operation.

Car Rolls Up To Stoplight Blasting Google Maps Directions (The Onion)


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