Friday Inspiration, Vol. 59

friday inspiration

“A lot of other professional ultrarunners are a little more scientific with what they put in their bodies, but if you know your body well enough, you can eat a lot of things.”

“That’s the true danger of anti-intellectualism. While it’s foolish to choose to be stupid, it’s cultural suicide to decide that insights, theories and truth don’t actually matter. If we don’t care to learn more, we won’t spend time or resources on knowledge. We can survive if we eat candy for an entire day, but if we put the greenmarkets out of business along the way, all that’s left is candy.”
—Seth Godin, The Candy Diet

6 Tips From Isaac Asimov on how to never run out of ideas again.

10 of the most common missteps in avalanche terrain.

If Women Wrote Men The Way Men Write Women

Maybe not quite what you think: Seven Riddles From The Town With Two Barbers

New York’s new Second Avenue subway has a lot of new public art by some very big-name artists (Chuck Close!).



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