Friday Inspiration, Vol. 52

This would be so calming if it didn’t look so cold:

An essay on why Die Hard is the perfect action movie (and, I would humbly add, the best holiday movie of all time).

“That’s right. The ketchup here at the Stetson is made in-house with freshly diced tomatoes, a pinch of sugar, a touch of paprika, and it’s disgusting. It truly is gross. Nobody likes it, and all the customers secretly wish we just served Heinz ketchup instead.”

“So, tell us what you think your biggest weakness is.”

Yes, there is a Trainspotting 2 coming in January, directed by Danny Boyle, and starring the original cast.

“It was a common belief then that drinking beer made you fat. People weren’t jogging, and everybody believed beer drinkers got a big, fat beer belly. Period. I couldn’t do anything about the taste of beer, but I could do something about the calories.”
—the biochemist who invented light beer

“The tragedy of the leaf blower is that it makes assholes of us all, users and neighbors alike.”


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