Friday Inspiration, Vol. 51

2 1/2 wonderful minutes of Arctic scenery:

Kelly Cordes continues to be one of the most inspiring adventure writers of our time in this New York Times piece about his injuries.

I recommend you follow Tim Dodd on Instagram at @everydayastronaut. Here’s his story.

John Turturro will bring back his character Jesus Quintana from The Big Lebowski in a spin-off movie.

Alpinist editor Katie Ives remembers Kyle Dempster.

New, final A Tribe Called Quest album coming out November 11.

I imagine people in a lot of western towns can empathize with this woman accidentally stealing someone else’s Subaru.

Happiness, one three-second “slice of joy” at a time.

One way to “see” the world:
“Cassie De Pecol set off to visit all 196 countries on this planet in July of 2015. In the past 15 months, she has already seen 180 countries. In about 45 days, she expects to have visited every single country and become the person to have done so in the shortest time on record. In the 15 months she’s been on the road so far, De Pecol has spent approximately $198,000 (which includes airfare for 254 flights all over the world).”


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