Friday Inspiration, Vol. 50

Maybe you can imagine what Andrew Bird + Matt Berninger + Lou Reed equals, but now you don’t have to:

If you are the sort of person who wouldn’t mind having a badass photo (or photos) of their dog, check out my good friend Sagar Gondalia, who can officially professionally make that sort of thing happen (as of a couple weeks ago).

“I think people think filmmaking is all dreamy and shit, but in reality I basically just sit at this fucking computer for a billion years trying to figure out a story puzzle and occasionally have anxiety attacks that sometimes lead to smashing keyboards over my knee like a 12-year-old with a tree branch.”
—genius filmmaker Ben Knight

If you haven’t read any of David Roberts’ adventure books, you should, but either way, you should read this fantastic profile of him.

“We live in a world obsessed with the exceptional. We admire prodigies and geniuses and multimillionaires, and we believe that some people are fundamentally capable of greatness while others are not.”

There’s a shitload of great sentences in Andy Kirkpatrick’s story about Chongo.

Well, shit, it turns out you are more creative when you’re unhappy, after all.

Eric is going to walk for 50 consecutive hours on his 50th birthday.

How awesome is this map of every river basin in the Lower 48? Real awesome.

I am deeply ashamed to admit that the new Tycho album has been out for over a month and I just found out about it.


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