Friday Inspiration, Vol. 46

So this is what our friends at Duct Tape Then Beer have been up to all summer:

I kind of feel this way about cast-iron skillets too. But I still use one.

I mean, how many times have you thought about actually losing your fingers in a finger crack?

There are lots of things on the internet that can make you angry. These 15 photos of bears will make you happy.

I had to click on an article titled “How Coca-Cola Trains Moms To Eat Shit.

“As I understand your use of this term, ‘the media’ is essentially shorthand for anything you read, saw or heard today that you disagreed with or didn’t like. At any given moment, ‘the media’ is biased against your candidate, your issue, your very way of life.”

If you like Typhoon, you will probably like Kyle Morton’s new solo album.


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