Friday Inspiration, Vol. 30

Billy Crystal paying tribute to Muhammad Ali back in 1979 with Ali in the crowd is still great today:

Doug Peacock is just saying: Protect the bears. (And you can too)

I’m not much of a bike racing enthusiast, but Velo News’ breakdown of five of the best bike tosses of all time is wonderful. Creativity: 10/10. Humor: 10/10. Execution: 10/10.

Not being a woman over 30, I am not the target demographic for this post, but I love it.

Know what the best productivity app is? Belle Beth Cooper says it’s a pen and a notebook.

Anna Brones’s new book, Hello, Bicycle: An Inspired Guide to the Two Wheeled Life is out as of this week and I have no doubt it will be amazing.

FiveThirtyEight analyzed demographics to figure out what U.S. city is closest to the label “normal America,” and it’s pretty interesting. Oh, and also which cities have demographics most like 1950s America.


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