Friday Inspiration, Vol. 12

Don Cheadle as Miles Davis, coming soon:

Artist Brian Kesinger draws The Force Awakens in the style of Calvin & Hobbes.

“That 20 years have gone by and we still do not agree what this novel means, or what exactly it was trying to say, despite saying (seemingly) everything about everything, is yet another perfect analogy for the Internet. Both are too big. Both contain too much. Both welcome you in. Both push you away.”
-Tom Bissell, Everything About Everything: David Foster Wallace’s ‘Infinite Jest’ at 20

This story of a kayak rescue is fairly terrifying.

“When Flint, Michigan isn’t trending on Twitter anymore, the residents are still going to be going through this. At the end of the day, the people of Flint still have poison water. I don’t care how many bottles of water you donate?—?and we’re not ungrateful at all?—?but let’s fix the problem instead of putting a Band-Aid on it. And the people and the children that are already poisoned, what do they do from this point on?”
-Rapper Jon Connor

You might suppose Ai Weiwei could do something awesome with 3,000+ bikes.

A great short film about what all the homeless people in San Francisco will do during the Super Bowl.


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