Friday Inspiration, Vol. 9

If you’ve ever thought eating at and documenting 100+ New York pizza spots for a coffee table book was a good idea, the bad news is these guys beat you to it. The good news is you can buy the book now.

“I’ve thought about this a lot in terms of competitive sport, in terms of drugs, bodies and relationships wrecked in pursuit of something of no value at all: a gold medal, a record only held until someone breaks it, a line on a mountain. I know full well that when you’re that person, entangled and blinded by your selfish narcissistic dreams you just can’t see the truth of your sickness, and neither can anyone around you, who cheer you on and say good luck as you tap the vein.” -Andy Kirkpatrick

What does the United States look like if you redraw the map as fifty states with equal populations?

More available parking = more driving = more traffic = higher rent?

Some of these Shitty New Yorker Cartoon Captions are fantastic.


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