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In December 2013, I published a book called “The New American Road Trip Mixtape,” about the search for the American Dream on the highways and wild places of the American West. It’s available in paperback at ($12) and ($12), or Kindle ($7.99), Nook ($7.99), iTunes Books ($7.99), and Kobo ($7.99), through the links below. To request a copy for an editorial review, e-mail me at brendanpleonard at gmail dot com.

Available in paperback and ebook formats at the following (click to visit retailer’s page): 

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Songs from the book:

I made an 8tracks playlist with every song mentioned or quoted in the book, in order. Click here to listen to it.

Here’s the Spotify version (thanks, TheKonz!)


What readers are saying:

“The New American Road Trip Mixtape by Brendan Leonard is a personal history of finding yourself on the road according to the best outdoor essay writer in the game.” — Heather Hansman, GrindTV

“For a great bit of inspiration, humor and entertainment, pick up a copy. You’ll be glad you did.”—Sean McCoy,

“While The New American Road Trip Mixtape is certainly written by a lover of climbing, even if you’ve never gone near a rock wall you can still find the beauty in this book, because ultimately it’s an exploration of what it means to be human, have relationships and create a meaningful life no necessarily bound by the constrictions of normal society.”—Anna Brones, EcoSalon

“He didn’t set out on some feat mostly impossible for the rest of us. He didn’t write about climbing Everest or following the frozen footsteps of Amundsen. He didn’t write about finding Jesus in a piece of toast. He doesn’t claim to know any more than you or I. And he doesn’t proclaim to have the answers, and will gladly share them with you, for a kind and meager fee. This is a story about finding yourself in the outdoors, on the road, living the every day, through connecting with awesome people. Everyone has their own route, but it’s there should we want to take it.” —Jimi Cowan

“It’s not Norman Maclean or Jack Kerouac, literary behemoths who Leonard cites as major influences. But like these men, he shares two important characteristics: his sentences are raw and clear, burning with the sincerity of lived experience; and, like both of their books, you walk away from this wanting to know the author better, hoping he writes more.” —John Herbert, review

“The moments where we get a double shot of vulnerability show the author at his best. Anyone that has ever been hurt or did the hurting will empathize. Brene Brown famously said that the difference between guilt and shame by saying the guilt is saying, “I made a mistake” and shame is saying, “I am a mistake.” Brendan takes the latter and hits the road to make us laugh and break our hearts.” —Adam Behrens, review

“We should all be so lucky as to have the opportunity for self discovery that Brendan gave himself when he pointed his Subaru west with no destination in mind. We can be thankful that his prose is strong enough to take us all along for the ride.” —Scott Rinckenberger, review

“This book is just like a great road trip story you hear sitting on a barstool, in a coffee shop, or around a campfire with a buddy who just got back from living the dream. The stories are real, raw, and sometimes painful. You’ll laugh your ass off one minute, and want to give you buddy a hug the next. You’ll wonder why the hell he stayed on the road so long, and then start thinking about how long you can take off work to go on your own Grand Tour.” —Ben Gipson, review