photo by Patitucci PhotoI have not been featured in a climbing video, or a ski film, and I will likely never win a bike or foot race. I have a creaky knee, a stiff hip, and two fragile shoulders. But I LOVE the mountains, and being outside. I’m probably a lot like you. I like rock climbing, but start to flail when it gets vertical. I like bicycles, but not racing against other people on them. I like running and trail running, but I probably like ice cream more. I mostly avoid avalanches by not being a good enough skier to get on slopes steep enough to slide. But I sure like to get out there.

Semi-Rad is enthusiasm for things regular folks can do. It’s what can be done with 52 weekends and a few weeks of vacation a year. It’s adventures for the everyman and woman. It’s a web site for those of us crushing it, kind of.

In August 2011, I moved out of my apartment and into my car, and am currently traveling around the coffee shops, campgrounds and couches of the West, looking for a story about the American road. I can be reached at brendanpleonard [at] gmail [dot] com.

[Photo courtesy PatitucciPhoto]


I wrote and performed the voiceover for this film in 2013, and it sums it up better than anything else: