8 Tips For Exercising In Summer Heat

Summer is here, and maybe you’ve noticed one thing that’s a little different when you go for your run or bike ride: that’s right, it’s hot as shit outside. How do you deal with it? Well, lucky for you, we at Semi-Rad.com have compiled this list of handy tips to help you survive your summer workouts.

  1. When it’s hot and you’re burning calories, your body needs food, water, and electrolytes. Watermelon has all three. If you’re going for a jog and it’s warm outside, take a watermelon with you. If you don’t want to carry a whole watermelon when you’re running, cut it into smaller pieces and take one or more of those with you.
  2. Keep the mood light. If you’re exercising with a friend, every once in a while, turn to them and say, “Hot enough for ya, Frank?” (or whatever the friend’s name is)
  3. Avoid wearing the plastic suits that wrestlers use to lose water weight—they’re hot and will only dehydrate you. If you can’t avoid wearing a plastic suit, carry extra watermelon with you while exercising.
  4. In summer, sunlight is hitting the area where you live at a more direct angle, increasing your exposure to it. Decrease your chances of sunburn by carrying a parasol while exercising outdoors.
  5. If it’s possible where you live, consider alternating your usual workout with a session of punching sides of beef in a meat locker. It’s a great workout, and it’s air conditioned.
  6. When it’s summer in the northern hemisphere, it’s winter in the southern hemisphere. So maybe it’s time to escape the oppressive heat in North America by doing the first winter ascent of the Southeast Ridge of Cerro Torre, don’t you think? Make sure you pack a jacket!
  7. Even though it might sound like a great idea, don’t drink an entire gallon of whole milk before heading outside to exercise in the summer. Half a gallon is probably OK, but if you drink an entire gallon before going for a jog around the park in 85-degree temps, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll regret it by halfway through your first lap.
  8. After your workout, pour water over your head in slow motion.