Friday Inspiration 370

Iconic movie trailers, explained to you by Bill Neil, who makes iconic movie trailers (video)

screen capture from Iconic movie trailers, explained by a trailer editor


A couple weeks ago I put in this newsletter an old piece about a retired Japanese guy who uses Microsoft Excel to create amazing “paintings”—this is along those lines, because, as Jason Kottke writes, I don’t know how anyone can make something nearly this good using their thumb and the tools in the iPhone’s Notes App, so I am impressed at Chris Silverman’s, ahem, “daily sketch.”
(I also highly recommend the short video he made about the project after he’d created one drawing a day for a year)

I know I have said something similar to this before in this space, but whoever is running the Twitter account for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources deserves an award (and a raise?)

Tom Chitty is one of my favorite cartoonists, and I loved this cartoon he made based on Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, and also his behind-the-scenes look at how he drew the cartoon (which ended up in The New Yorker).

“There’s no avalanche center in southern Arizona. We decided we were going to make one. Then we thought: What would make Sonoran Avalanche Center different than other avalanche centers? Well, there’s no snow here, really. And the hazards are cactuses and mudslides. We’ve had to come up with new terms like “agualanches,” which are flash floods.”
—Len Necefer, co-founder of the Sonoran Avalanche Center

This is sort of a riff on an old joke about two friends who are camping when they hear a bear outside their tent, and one of them starts putting their shoes on, and the other one says, “what are you doing, there’s no way you can outrun a bear,” and the friend putting on the shoes says, “I just have to outrun you,” but it’s funny enough that legitimate news outlets picked it up and somebody got to write this sentence: “The NPS said on its official Twitter account that feeding another human to a bear is never the answer.”

Letter of Recommendation: Why I Watch the Closing Credits of Every Movie I See

I finally put together my 2022 list of book recommendations (better late than never?), and it’s up on my Patreon.