Friday Inspiration 300

screen capture from Every Sport a Bowling Ball

This film is called “Every Sport a Bowling Ball,” and if you’re like me, you’ll start laughing as some of the sports are introduced, even before you see what’s going to happen. (video)


This is about knitting but I think you can pretty much substitute anything that requires effort for “knitting” and it’s still true

This comic perfectly captures my entire philosophy of doing anything, including art.

Marcella Giulia Pace took photos the Moon in various colors (caused by differences in height, veils, dust, etc.) and put 48 of them in this print.

How much time do you have to scroll through some vintage sneaker ads? Also, did you know Vans sold running shoes at one point?

My friend Syd and I were talking about command center sets in movies (like bad guy lairs, NASA, etc.) and he alerted me to the presence of this incredible website that catalogs computers that have appeared in movies. I hope at least one person who reads this thinks it’s cool, but if not, I will be undeterred in my enthusiasm for it.

I started following Josh Mecouch’s awesome and weird cartoons on Instagram a few months ago and I have no choice but to recommend his book, Conquer the Day: A Book of Affirmations, which I will be gifting to many people this holiday season.

One more thing: You may have noticed I recently took a few weeks off, and these Friday Inspiration posts didn’t happen for a while. I know I say this a lot, but I am able to take the time and put in the effort (and spend the money on an email newsletter and this website) to create this stuff because people support me on Patreon. If you have $2 to spare per month, and you can take three minutes today to sign up, you can join them and help keep this going. And, you’ll get access to all the members-only content I make for Patreon (and some discounts to my shop).



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