Friday Inspiration, Vol. 147

“The work here is to figure out how to have a rich life without really being rich” (video)

The story of the survival and rescue of a Russian climber off Latok I.

Atlas Obscura would like to hear about the most interesting people you’ve met while traveling.

A long, long read about how a daring helicopter pilot from Phoenix changed TV news forever

The Ringer staff writers argue where the best slice of pizza in the world is

“Travel ?—? when done right ?—? is challenging. Like all face-to-face interaction, it’s inefficient. The fact that an experience can’t be found in a guidebook is precisely what makes it so special. Sure, a little tip helps?—?go here, go there; eat here, eat there; stay here, stay there?—?but at the end of the day, the great pleasures of travel are precisely what you can’t find on Yelp.
Algorithms are great at giving you something you like, but terrible at giving you something you love. Worse, by promoting familiarity, algorithms punish culture.”

I Know It’s Been 27 Years, but I Have Some Notes on DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Summertime”