Friday Inspiration 392

I very recently read a very in-depth article about the history of Kowloon Walled City, and I still watched this entire film about it, which does a lot with very little footage of what the inside of the city was actually like when it existed. Also: The comparison of population density between New York’s East Village and Kowloon Walled City is pretty mind-blowing. (video)

screen capture from The Densest City On Earth


As we’re still in the middle of the Sriracha shortage, the timing for this Quartz Obsession about it is kind of rough (or, alternately, totally appropriate), but I love that it reminded me of the legendary quote by Huy Fong founder David Tran: “Hot sauce must be hot. If you don’t like it hot, use less. We don’t make mayonnaise here.”

I really want to know how this guy composes these tunes on the piano, but maybe I don’t care because there are so many good lines in the pure poetry of this flight attendant speaking about restraining an unruly dickhead on a Frontier flight that—you know what, I’m just going to stop typing, and if you haven’t seen it already, either this little clip is going to make your day or you’re going to say something like “I don’t know where this guy finds this shit sometimes.”

Dammit this is such a great point about how we should all be acting toward each other, and I’m so glad it had a headline that caught my eye: Throw Someone a Pep Rally

I have not seen Barbie yet, and I know probably millions of words have been written about it, and I have read but a few thousand, but these few hundred words and couple dozen drawings Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell put together about it are my favorite take so far.

This Outside story about the effectiveness of trekking poles could not be better timed in my life, as I’ve been convincing friends to run/hike/scramble peaks with me a lot lately, and now three of them in a row have asked before we leave the trailhead, “Are you not bringing poles?”

This story about supposedly “secret family recipes” (via is fantastic, and reminds me of a story about my friend Nick, who can deadpan a joke like nobody else I’ve ever met. So: Nick went on a few dates with a new friend, Emily, and if I remember this correctly, he picked her up to go skiing on like their third or fourth date. He said he’d make cinnamon rolls from his “family recipe,” and he brought them in his truck when he picked Emily up in the morning. She loved the cinnamon rolls, they skied all day, and more dates happened. Nick found a few more occasions to make his family recipe cinnamon rolls, and eventually things got more serious, and Emily accompanied Nick back to his family’s house for the holidays. At some point when Emily was in the kitchen with Nick’s mom, Lynn, she mentioned that she’d like to get the family cinnamon roll recipe from Lynn. Lynn replied that the family recipe was to buy the cinnamon rolls in the pop canister at the grocery store and bake them according to the directions on the can. Emily was of course a bit dumbfounded, and fairly directly confronted Nick with this information, kind of like, The ‘old family recipe,’ HUH Nick? To which Nick basically replied, “Yeah.” This was like 10 years ago and now they’re married and have two lovely daughters.

Did you watch my new film yesterday? Here it is if you didn’t:

Screen capture from The Seven Summits of My Neighborhood