Friday Inspiration 380

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I definitely don’t qualify as a road cyclist, but do I follow the Global Cycling Network on YouTube because they often do fun stuff like this: Pit an average cyclist against a pro cyclist, except they give the average cyclist the 15,000 GBP bike and make the pro ride the cheapest road bike available on Amazon (300 GBP). The results are of course, illuminating and entertaining. (video)

screen capture from Cheap Bike Pro Rider Vs Super Bike Amateur Rider


I don’t want to suggest anything about anyone’s childhood trauma here, but yeah, I definitely think the sentiment behind this sign is something very true about the creation of art by real human beings who have had real human experiences.

I love this story, mostly because there are so many ideas and opinions and articles out there about how to make a book successful, or at least a bestseller, and absolutely none of them have ever said, “four years after your book is published, figure out how to have a Twitter user named “bigolas dickolas” write a very direct, maybe even kind of confrontational, tweet about how everyone should go out and buy your book and read it.” (Thanks to Mike Sowden’s Everything Is Amazing newsletter for this one)

My Freeflow Institute writing + trail running workshop this fall in Whitefish, Montana, sold out, but we just had a spot open up, so if you’d like to run around with us and talk about writing from September 5th through the 10th, click here for more info.

This post is from 2021 but I believe it is still worthy of sharing, and that it will remain timeless until we stop using printed flyers as the primary means of communicating that our real or fictional pets are missing.

Are you really good at typing on your phone, even with autocorrect (or because of autocorrect)? I didn’t think so. Me neither. I bet this very brief essay will hit home with you—I know it really ducking resonated with me.

I don’t know who needs this today, or if anyone needs this today, but damn this is satisfying because yes, I too have been curious about what the invisible portion of the wall anchor is doing on the other side of the drywall. If you, too, have ever felt this same curiosity, I believe this is a fantastic investment of 40 seconds of your Friday.

Sometimes I wonder if Hilary and I loved the first season of The Bear so much because we both worked in restaurants and are thusly kind of biased, but obviously the fan base is bigger than that. Every few weeks, one of us will say to the other one, “I wonder when season 2 of The Bear will come out?” And now that the trailer for season 2 has dropped, I can say “June 22nd,” or “June 22nd and it looks pretty great.”