Friday Inspiration 334

I don’t know how this masterpiece about sticks only has 6,000 views on YouTube, but trust me, if you like sticks, you’ll love it, and if you’re not sure how you feel about sticks, you’ll probably be really into them by about the 60-second mark (video)


“If I feel like I’m going into the hole, my shoes are always where I can access them, because I know if I can get out the door, I’m gonna be better.”
—Erin McGrady, in this installment of Brooks Running’s Who Is A Runner series

My friend Jason Tyler Burton has a new EP called “Last of the Old West” coming out June 3rd, and if you are into upbeat Americana or even just curious about upbeat Americana, you can access it early right here on his website. (the lyrics of Mountain Town Blues are particularly entertaining and poignant, IMO)

I spent last week teaching a writing workshop for the Freeflow Institute, and for one of our class sessions, we discussed what makes something funny, and we dissected this essay Brian Doyle wrote a few years ago, and I remembered why it was one of my all-time favorites

A few photos of some of Jean Jullien’s art, which might make you smile, and also might make you spend $65 pre-ordering his book 

I suck at frying eggs, and I wrote about finally finding a way to deal with it, which helps, but will not likely help in very particular hostage situations I have imagined.

Please meet Aldo, Ecuador’s first dental assistant dog, who works with kids

Two things about Oreos, among many interesting tidbits in this Quartz Obsession piece:
1: Double Stuf Oreos only contain 1.86 times the amount of creme in a regular Oreo and
2: “Cornell professor Joe Regenstein, who consulted on the process, said that Oreo’s koshering was ‘probably the most expensive conversion of a company from non-kosher to kosher,’ reportedly taking three years and millions of dollars to complete. Regenstein said each of the Nabisco’s 100 football field-sized ovens had to be cleaned via blowtorch to eradicate the pork residue. And $150,000 plastic belts on each oven had to be fully replaced.” 

I was joking with Hilary a while back about how I only ever really want to watch three movies, and I made this flow chart to help people decide if they want to watch a movie with me. And then I decided to make the second flow chart in case other people also ever wanted to watch three movies, and the third one for anyone who’s had a kid in the past 10 or so years. (if you’d like to print them off, each chart is linked to a PDF file for that purpose)

Semi-Rad chart - Do You Want To Watch A Movie
[for a printable PDF, click on this link or on the above image]


Semi-Rad chart - Do You Want To Watch A Movie w:blanks

[for a printable PDF, click on this link or on the above image]


Semi-Rad chart - Do You Want To Watch Frozen

[for a printable PDF, click on this link or on the above image]