Friday Inspiration 331

I just rediscovered this video I was obsessed with in 2012, which I now believe is timeless: Andrew Bird playing in a one-bedroom Heart of Darkness-influenced installation perched on a roof high above the River Thames in London (video)

screen capture from A Room for London- Andrew Bird plays Sounds from a Room (2012)

What happens to all those half-used bars of hotel soap when you leave? Thanks to Shawn Seipler asking that same question, a lot of them don’t go in the trash

I think this is the longest Shouts & Murmurs I’ve ever read in the New Yorker, but I think if you have any connection to Mario of video-game fame, you will laugh your ass off at this

It’s a motorcycle, for, you know, riding on the moon

“It is physically impossible to exceed the 70-pound domestic weight limit for a small [USPS] flat rate box” because the densest substance on earth is …

Thanks to my friend Sanjay (whose wonderful film 3100: Run and Become is worth a watch) for pointing out this Strava upload: Ananda-Lahari Zuscin’s performance at the Sri Chinmoy 6-Day Race, during which he left his watch going the entire time, including breaks to sleep (ahem, nap)—372 miles, and just under 144 hours

Peter Bromka told me about Brian Maxwell’s typewritten account of running the 1977 Boston Marathon a couple years ago, and it’s fun to finally get to read it via Peter’s photos of it on his Medium page.