Friday Inspiration 289

OK this trailer has gotten me really excited for Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain (video)


I feel like this tweet and the replies are a very funny and very true joke about social media in general

I’m just going to admit that I scrolled to the “Midwest” section of this Eater article titled “America Loves Gas Station Snacks. Here Are Some of the Finest by Region” saying to myself, “if they don’t mention Casey’s pizza, this article is worthless,” but they did, so it is therefore valid (in my opinion)

An interesting thread of answers to the question “What’s a rule that was implemented somewhere that massively backfired?”

Did you send me this Smithsonian Magazine story about the history of the Cheez-It? If so, thank you

“Inspired by space-saving flat-packed furniture, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a technique for making pasta shapes that start out flat when dry but ‘morph’ into their final 3D shapes when cooked.”

“One common misconception is that our preferences are set in stone and there’s no use trying to change them—especially as we age and become grumpier about new things. The data don’t support this assumption.


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