The Things We Did To Get Through 2020

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an Instagram post asking people to share some of the things they did to get through the strange and difficult year that has been 2020. I got more than 500 responses, so I spent the better part of a weekend copying and pasting them into a Word document to figure out how I could put them together in a way that would sort of commemorate what made 2020 so different, weird, and difficult for almost everyone. And then did a bunch of math to figure out how big I could make a drawing to post online and on Instagram.

In the end, I put together this very long horizontal drawing of as many varied answers as I could fit. I was only able to use a fraction of the submissions, and even those I had to cut down to a sentence or two in most cases. But I hope if you scroll through this whole thing, you find something that speaks to your experience this year, even if just a little bit, or illuminates someone else’s very different experience for you.

Thanks to everyone who replied—it was an incredible experience for me to read about how you’ve all figured out how to navigate the past 12 months.

[Click here or on the image below to see the full-size file]

The Things We Did To Get Through 2020 illustration by Brendan Leonard (@semi_rad)

Thanks for reading.
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