Friday Inspiration, Vol. 245

screen capture from Pedal Through

Never camped before, never ridden a bike off pavement. Perfect time to try bikepacking? (video)

Chang Wan-ji, 83, and Hsu Sho-er, 84, run a laundromat in Taiwan, and with a little help from their 31-year-old grandson, they’ve become Instagram celebrities by modeling clothes people have left behind at the laundromat.

This website opens a new window, which is literally a video from a window somewhere else in the world, and it’s oddly soothing. And you can keep clicking around to different windows all over the world, all day.

My favorite part of our Off the Couch interview with Martinus Evans (@300poundsandrunning) was when he talked about if he could either keep off the 100 pounds he’d lost, or keep running, and he’d keep running. We also managed to talk about pizza, carrot cake, and his top 3 MCs. (podcast)

Anya Miller addresses “The F*** You Wait,” that thing your friends do when you’re out hiking/biking/running/skiing and they stop to wait for you, and as soon as you arrive, they take off again. And how we all probably feel like we’re playing catch-up. (podcast)

“Driving the freeway and gobbling fast food, hunching over a desk and staring into a laptop, seeking fame and fortune—I’m positive that much of what we do on a regular basis is worse for our health than a little innocent vigorous bushwhacking.”
—Leath Tonino, The Fun and Ultimate-Ish Guide to Off-Trail Hiking and Bushwhacking

If you are trying to figure out what school will look like for your kids this fall, Blake Boles (who is one of my Patreon supporters) has a new book that might address your concerns and/or give you some ideas.

I have to say, I am not necessarily a Lil Peep fan, but I watched this documentary about his tragically short life and meteoric rise to fame last weekend, and I’m still thinking about it five days later. (trailer)

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