Friday Inspiration, Vol. 211

screen capture from Brendan Leonard is Running 52 Marathons in 2019-Running with Ryan-Ep 10

My friend Ryan Van Duzer asked me to be on his YouTube show, Running With Ryan, on which he usually interviews people who are faster than me and who eat fewer doughnuts while running, and I tried to give him a nice tour of Denver (video)

Awesome presentation of transcripts of communications with Apollo 11 astronauts with their Hasselblad photos of the mission from July 16-24, 1969 (worth it for the sequence of earthrise photos, but the second chapter is the really mind-blowing stuff)

A thread of dogs who destroyed Thanksgiving dinner (or just parts of Thanksgiving dinner)

The Art of the Cooking Demo Disaster

Jason Kottke on “reader’s block”

Ezra Klein interviews author Dave Eggers, who doesn’t own a smartphone, doesn’t have wifi in his house, and has a lot of interesting things to say (podcast)(thanks, Anna!)

My friend Bodie and I were talking about how many “favorite albums” you could say you had, and I decided to make a really big playlist of my favorite rap songs. I stopped at 350 (for now)

The folks at The Climbing Zine are publishing a hardcover book celebrating 10 years of their publication—you can pre-order it by supporting their Kickstarter here.



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