Friday Inspiration, Vol. 168

I’m a sucker for short films about kids on bikes doing wheelies (video)

I just want to say that I hit up Kettle Chips to make a thing called “Chip Drink” after our film How to Run 100 Miles came out in early 2018 and we had a scene showing us drinking smashed potato chips—they weren’t interested, and now a Japanese company has beaten them to it. (thanks, Whitney)

The folks at Badlands National Park have put together a very informative diagram of a bison

This dog was let out to pee and just went ahead and joined a half-marathon race in progress (thanks, Mordy)

Amerigo Gazaway recreates Wu-Tang’s C.R.E.A.M. with live instruments (video)

Peter Flax, former editor in chief of Bicycling, reflects on his experiences riding as a VIP in a string of five fondos in a very short span of time back in 2013. (thanks, Alex)

Someone—a University of Kansas design professor—finally digitized the typeface of U.S. National Park signs (and you can download it).

If you don’t remember the Rammstein song “Du Hast,” you will not find this tweet funny. But if you do …