Friday Inspiration, Vol. 155

screen capture from Julius Caesar was buried in a pet cemetery

I promise this film about a pet cemetery is way more fun than it sounds (video):

How being optimistic helps you make better creative work.

Not surprisingly, the story of how Ol’ Dirty Bastard recorded his verse on the 1995 remix of Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” was extremely bizarre, extremely messy, and very entertaining in retrospect.

A hilarious look at a day in the life of a freelance cartoonist, writer, and filmmaker

“For the uninitiated, ‘free soloing’ is a form of solo lead climbing done with only hook-and-toehold installations; the rope might or might not be there to catch you in a fall (it’s your call, brutha—not sure who makes up the rules). You’re not allowed to use pitons in crevasses or pound construction bolts into holds, but if a mountaineer came before you and put them in the rock you can stand on them or even use them to repel back to a ledge and rest before the next ‘pitch,’ which is usually 1,000 feet long.”
review of Free Solo written by “Rex Dangerman” for “New York Extreme Men’s Fitness Magazine,” as published by Climbing magazine

Podcast Bingo

Read Brody’s story about the wonderful gift his parents’ longtime neighbor gave them

This beagle and duck are friends and it will make you smile



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