Friday Inspiration, Vol. 137

Exactly two minutes of sights and sounds of New York, brilliantly edited (video)

If this set of Daniel Kibblesmith’s Twitter jokes doesn’t make you laugh until your face hurts, well, maybe just go back to bed.

What a world it would be if we were all more like Japan’s soccer team and fans.

A long road trip with an old binder carrying 256 CDs. (RIP liner notes!)

Chef Ron Norman wants to bring low-sodium ramen to prison inmates.

The Stokecast is a new podcast, and the hosts, Jonathan and Emily, were nice enough to interview me despite all their previous guests being talented athletes.

Badass/swell guy Joe Grant talks about his record-breaking 49 hours and 38 minutes crushing Nolan’s 14.

I made a couple of my motivational posters for ultrarunners into real posters—they’re available here.

David Roberts reflects on life, stage IV cancer, and family through a yearly reunion with old climbing friends. (From 2017)


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