Friday Inspiration, Vol. 136

Friday Inspiration Vol 136

I’m not saying you don’t love mountain biking—but do you love it enough to weld your own bike out of scrap metal? (video)

“The thing that was really neat about his last few years is that he would just pull these [old sketchbooks] off the shelves and live his life again. And then he’d stop when he found an image and he’d paint it.”
—Ron Levy, talking about the sketchbooks his father kept throughout his life

The girl from that one meme is a bit of a stock photography star.

If you are not following Poorly Drawn Lines on Instagram, you should.

I’ve had this mixtape on repeat for almost all of the past three days.

The folks at Bivy are doing a Kickstarter for their new gadget that will turn your cell phone into a satellite communication device in case of emergency (and it only weighs seven ounces).

“Douglas Bevans said he boiled about 100 organic beef hot dogs and put each one in a bottle of the water he sold at an annual car-free event. Each bottle of the “keto-compatible,” unfiltered water sold for $37.99, but two bottles cost only $75 because of a special deal last Sunday at his booth, where he wore a hot dog onesie and promoted himself as CEO of Hot Dog Water.”

What your favorite classic rock band says about you. (Ex. “Allman Brothers Band: You do not own a bong, but can quickly make one from a piece of fruit or an abandoned toilet.”)


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