Friday Inspiration, Vol. 128

Friday Inspiration Vol 128

“To me, it’s like hitting the lotto. I wake up happy in the morning. I really love what I do. I love garbage.” —Nick DiMola (video)

Ed Roberson, who reads more books than anyone I’ve ever met, shares how he manages to do it (even with a full-time job and two young kids).

Is this seat taken?

This is a piece of fantastic writing about the phenomenon of brunch.

“In the ’90s as now, all humorless old people knew that the best way to impede an album’s popularity was to be very offended by it (ha) — and, as such, ’90s hip hop was also largely defined by the older generations’ aversion.”

Dan McLaughlin set out to test the 10,000 Hour Rule by trying to become a pro golfer. But he stopped after 6,003 hours.

I wrote a little piece about trying to figure out what bikepacking is over at Adventure Cycling.

Interesting story on the “rise of the rural creative class.”

“One of the lessons I’ve applied to business from climbing is that nothing can prepare you for a long day in the mountains other than a long day in the mountains.” —Peter Metcalf

A compilation of songs centered on beepers, emails, and other mediums of casual correspondence that have fallen out of favor


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