Friday Inspiration, Vol. 101

I saw The Hard Way at a couple film festivals last year and it’s definitely worth renting/buying:

“I don’t ever want ‘He died doing what he loved.’ Dying young or even dying old but still healthy is desperately sad and heartbreaking and overrated and should not be celebrated. It should be seen for what it is, a terrible waste. Life is the prize. Living more so.”
—Nick Bullock, Threshold Shift

The folks at Surly have a nice piece on the art of the bivouac.

Is it “whoa” or “woah”?

One of the recipes from our new outdoors cookbook is up at

Paddling the Entire Delaware River With A Stranger—And Living to Illustrate It

GPS tracking tells us where house cats go during the day.

A second-grade handout could teach you some things about negative self-talk.

Welcome to Sendhaus™—America’s Hippest New Climbing Gym

You’ve probably always wondered if there was a connection between Edison-style light bulbs and gentrification. Well, wonder no more.


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