Friday Inspiration, Vol. 91

“The reason to see an eclipse isn’t because it’s rare—it’s because of how it will make you feel.”

“Creators spend almost all their time creating, persevering despite doubt, failure, ridicule, and rejection until they succeed in making something new and useful. There are no tricks, shortcuts, or get-creative-quick schemes. The process is ordinary, even if the outcome is not. Creating is not magic but work.”

Very timely Zen Pencils RFK quote.

How the age of Miss America relates to the number of murders by steam, hot vapors, and hot objects and other strange correlations. (Thanks, Case)

“Psych scholars from San Diego State and U Georgia used Google Books to systematically explore the growth of swear-words in published American literature: they conclude that books are getting swearier and that this is a bellwether for a growth in the value of individualism.” (Thanks, Anna)

“If I were a betting man, I would guess physical activity is especially important. One of the things that’s really shifted in our world today is that we sit all the time, and kids sit all the time. And that may be affecting how our joints are forming and how our joints are aging.”
Daniel Lieberman, a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University



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