Friday Inspiration, Vol. 3

“I was a skier for about 82 years.”

If you haven’t seen Mark Manson’s essay, Screw Finding Your Passion, floating around the internet in the last month, it’s worth a read.

Marc Maron interviews Aaron Draplin and Aaron Draplin of course is awesome.

So you’ve probably experienced Impostor Syndrome, even if you didn’t know what it was.

I’m not sure what makes this song Adele and The Roots performed with classroom instruments so addicting, but maybe it’s the double kazoo?

Hip-Hop Golden Age’s Top 25 Underground Hip-Hop Albums of All Time.


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  • Summer Simpson

    Brendan — I look forward to your posts every week. This time of year can sometimes be especially challenging and emotional. The inspiration posts are much appreciated. Keep up the good words. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

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