Make 2012 The Year Of Maximum Enthusiasm

One Saturday morning last October, my friend Greg and I were running down the North Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon, close to halfway through 26 miles of trail. We had run 4 miles and would run about 4 more to Phantom Ranch, where we could double-fist coffee and Lemmy lemonade at the cantina before climbing 4,400 vertical feet back up the South Rim to finish a hike/run Rim-to-Rim.

I turned around mid-stride and said,

“Hey Greg!”

“Yeah,” he said.

“We’re running in the Grand Canyon!”

Sometimes I get to do awesome things, and I kind of forget how awesome they are. Do you? I get stressed, caught up in other stuff, and I forget how fortunate I am, how incredible life has turned out to be most days, and some of the special places I’ve gotten to see. Most of the time, though, I try to keep a pretty good handle on it — try to remember to turn around and yell to my friend that yes, we are running across the most famous hole on Earth, and that’s pretty special. Or, you know, even reminding someone a few months later about someting special:



Kurt Vonnegut, in a 2003 speech to students at the University of Wisconsin, said,

“I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.'”

In 2012, I urge you to notice when something is awesome, as it often is, and exclaim or murmur or just make a mental note of it. Isn’t it just goddamn fantastic that you have your health, for example? Or running water, or electricity? Or that you have enough money to actually pay someone else to make you a cup of coffee? Or if you want ice cream, you are at any time in America probably only 5 or 10 minutes away from a place that sells some form of it? (Trust me on that one)

Your life, even the bad parts, is fucking amazing. And most of the small things that make up your life are amazing, too — mountain bike rides, rock climbs, ski runs, sunsets, stars, friends, people, girlfriends and boyfriends, dogs, songs, movies, jokes, smiles … hell, even that burrito you ate for lunch today was pretty phenomenal, wasn’t it?

What was your enthusiasm for these things last year? I recommend you step it up in 2012.

People can disagree with things like quality, maybe your taste in food, or whether or not a movie is good. But no one can argue with enthusiasm, especially when it is over the top.

Do you think that climb you just did is the greatest climb ever? Great! If someone tries to tell you it isn’t, who cares? “Greatest Rock Climb Ever” is not an objective title. Thusly, when you are excited about a climb (or a trail run or a summit view or a bike ride or a sunrise), don’t let anyone bring you down.

A conversation where someone puts down your favorite ski area/mountain/rock climb/trail/burrito is not a conversation about ski areas/mountains/rock climbs/trails/burritos. It is a conversation about that person being a pompous asshole. Go forth and be positive in 2012.

Enthusiasm doesn’t have to stand up to criticism. It doesn’t even have to really make sense. If you finish a ski run, MTB trail or sport climbing route, and you like love it, I encourage you to try out new superlatives when describing it to someone else. This goes for everything you’re excited about. Examples:

  • “I’m just going to tell you now that Outer Space is the most incredible rock climb you will ever do. You cannot not smile while climbing it. It’s like the Beatles. Even if you for some ridiculous reason don’t enjoy it, you can’t deny its inherent goodness.”
  • “Have you heard the new Macklemore song? It will knock you on your ass!”
  • “The Eggplant Parmesan sub at Pasquini’s is probably my favorite sandwich in the entire city of Denver, if not the state of Colorado. In fact, now that I’ve said that, I think we should go to Pasquini’s immediately.”

Maybe some of the stuff you like love, that you’re passionate about, isn’t cool. Hey, this is 2012. Everything is cool. Irony is either everything, or dead. Be honest: When you see someone wearing a Motley Crue t-shirt, you don’t know if they’re serious, or wearing it to be ironic, do you? Do you like Motley Crue? Then ROCK THAT SHIT. And spread happiness.

Remember it is not illegal to high-five anyone. Do you use exclamation points in the salutations of your e-mails? Well, why not?

Do you like to laugh? Most people do, don’t they? Including baristas, waitstaff, and retail personnel. Perhaps you have at some point had a real conversation with one of these people. This can sometimes begin by sincerely asking those people how they are, instead of treating them like a machine that makes you coffee or orders your salad. This opens the door to making them laugh. If you play your cards right, you may be able to high-five them at the end of a conversation.

Remember yesterday, when you saw that one thing that reminded you of that one friend of yours, and you thought about how if you sent that friend a photo of the thing that reminded you of them, they would smile? But then you didn’t send your friend that photo, and it wasn’t awesome. Don’t do that again. Here’s what you do:

  1. Take the photo.
  2. Send it to your friend.
  3. Your friend smiles. The world is a better place. Thanks.

You may have already made some New Year’s resolutions, to lose weight, to eat better, to read two books every month, whatever. How about making one more, to be just a little more awesome?


27 replies on “Make 2012 The Year Of Maximum Enthusiasm

  • Rebecca Shannon

    hell yeah! even when the shit is awful, it can be awesome if you’re riding/skiing/climbing with a friend. and misery loves company so when it’s awful, or awesome–share the thrill. you betcha! more exclamation points!!!

  • Amy O, Superstar McAwesome-ville

    I’m pretty sure we saw the most awesome movie about Greek mythology together!!!!!! How to top that??? Oh yeah…WHITNEY!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! (and a burrito)

  • Brian

    Gonna be freaking AWESOME! Had no idea who Macklemore was till now, but I’m right in the middle of letting them knock me on my ass as I type this! Thanks for writing this for us. It looked like it was going to be an Eeyore day for most everyone around me, but this is getting me back on track so I can cap off the negativity.

  • Amy C

    Oh HELL yeah!

    Rock on Brendan… this post is awesome. Like really awesome… in the “it’s gonna make you think” kinda awesome way. In the way that’s gonna change lives and perspectives and make this world an even better place to live. :0)


  • Jayson Sime


  • Greg

    Brendan, (ya, I’m the Greg that’s running with Brendan at the beginning of this awesome article – and appreciate being mentioned in such a positive and dare I say ENTHUSIASTIC setting)……….

    In my past, it’s best put by a very good friend, mentor and generally the wisest (in a good way) mo-fo I’ve ever known says: “dude……….it’s all about the UMPH and YIPPEE………dude”.

    UMPH and YIPPEE, combined…… all manner of fantastic and unbelievable stuff that could never be possible without them……….can you say iPhone-iPad-Mac……….and and that’s just one incredible UMPH and YIPPEE guy that wouldn’t take no for an answer from a well meaning engineer……and drive for genius and perfection.

    Credit to people who never succumb to the nay-slayer’s and just go on seeing the best in everything – my wife IS THAT person – and certainly glad about that!

    Thanks, Brendan for the absolutely awesome story and thanks for the mention……….makes me VERY ENTHUSIASTIC for our next adventure together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (is there an EXCLAMATION POINT limit?)

  • Kim Kircher

    This post is awesome. Thanks. I AM going to start a resolution today to find more enthusiasm this year. Expressing enthusiasm actually makes the experience better, in my opinion.

    • Jim Johnson

      I love enthusiasm and I love enthusiastic people. They are alive, they are vital, they transcend life to a higher level. To me, they almost glow. But guess what folks, to most people they are sort of nutty. I have to come to realize that enthusiastic people are definitely in the minority and most people do not want to listen to an enthusiastic person. These non-enthusiasts are just not there, they just don’t get it. A lot of times enthusiasm has to be just sort of a locked up internal thing. Perhaps it is best to just move to an empty table and remain silent.

  • Will

    Remember that time we hiked up Mt. Morrison before dawn so I could try out my new hiking boots before I moved out of Denver, that was awesome.

  • Tim quintal

    I have snowboarded with my kids 21 days this winter. Did an ice climb with my six year old for our first time!!!! We camp out of a river raft every summer…… And I’m a single dad!!!!!:) Get off your asses and live life to the fullest.

  • Jeremy

    Love how you knew about Macklemore in 2011(not trying to sound hipster, just like how you, brendan leonard was in on that shit). I also love your topic, and that you went from the north rim to the south rim in a day. That’s so incredibly baller. The Lemmy’s at Phantom are soooo good, especially during the 120 degree weather.

  • ned barrett

    Right on. Love the attitude, which makes it all. My three goals for every race are 1, love the trails, 2, don’t be miserable, 3, say something funny at every aid station. Hard to be miserable when you’re trying to be funny. Thanks for putting into better words what I’ve been thinking all along.

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