Do you draw custom charts or sketches similar to the ones on your Instagram account?
Yes. Email me about that here.Can I buy you coffee and pick your brain for some advice on how to get started as a writer/filmmaker/creative?
Sorry, no, but here’s a blog post I wrote about that, and here’s a very inexpensive and brief book I wrote about it (the Kindle edition is about the price of one cup of coffee, and the paperback is about the price of two cups of coffee).

Can you come speak in my hometown?
I’d love to. The cost depends on what type of talk you’re looking for. More info on that here, or e-mail me about it here.

Are you looking for other sponsors for Semi-Rad.com?
I’m always open to working with other companies. Email me about that here

I noticed you have self-published some books and worked with book publishers on others. Do you have any advice on which is better?
I wrote a post for Simple.com about that here.

Do you accept guest blog posts on Semi-Rad.com?

Can I buy signed copies of your books?
Yes. They’re all in the Shop.