Joe Calls It A Day


My dad, Joe, retires today, after 41 years of work at one company and about two years of worrying if he’d have enough money…

us vs us

Us vs. Us


Last Saturday morning, while most of us were asleep, Kilian Jornet and Jason Schlarb decided to run across the Hardrock 100 finish line holding…

semi-rad fuck busy

F*&# Busy.


Alastair Humphreys, writer and adventurer on both macro and micro levels, just came out with a new book called Grand Adventures. Thanks to a…

Video: Frank and the Tower


I’m overjoyed to share this film, and the guy in it, with everyone this week. Three friends—Forest Woodward, Fitz Cahall, and myself—took big chunks…

Finding A Way


Jim Harris can walk again—which is a big deal because a little over six months ago he was paralyzed from the waist down preparing…