Another Reason To Buy A Semi-Rad T-shirt

As of May 1, I am donating half of my personal profits from the sales of all Semi-Rad products to Mountain2Mountain, a nonprofit dedicated to creating education and opportunity for women and girls in conflict regions. I met Mountain2Mountain founder Shannon Galpin in 2011 at a slide show about her mountain bike ride across Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley — where women aren’t even allowed to ride bicycles — and have been inspired by her sacrifice and efforts to change the world.

Click here to see the Semi-Rad shop on and feel good about your purchase helping out oppressed women and girls in Afghanistan.

For more information about Mountain2Mountain, click here. Or watch the trailer for Red Reel Media’s MoveShake documentary series, featuring Shannon and her challenges balancing activism in a dangerous environment, starting and running a nonprofit, and trying to maintain a normal life at home with her daughter in Colorado.


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  1. Way to step up for a great cause!

    For the month of June, we are going to match your donation to Mountain2Mountain from all the Semi-Rad shirt sales.

  2. Okay, I jumped on board. I’ll be happily semi-rad in my black t-shirt. Good thing “semi” covers a wide-range, because I’m on the very low end, but probably still qualify.

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